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On Actually, you can live the life you always imagined.

Excelent Location

Actually Desing Flats, the best option to buy a home in Colombia, in the fastest growing and highly valued sector, adjoins Cra 51B and Cra 53 Av Circunvalar, between Parrish School and Tugó store. Our sales room is located on the university corridor next to the Bc Empresarial Building.

An innovative project!

Actually Design Flats, an innovative project with different apartment options with all the design, comfort and privileges that those who want to live better look for:

1 tower, 184 apartments in the sector of greatest growth and high valuation, 15 minutes from the free zone, with hotels, restaurants and bars less than 5 min.







One Tower, 184 apartments, swimming pool, jacuzzi, children’s area, gym, cinema lounge, BBQ, games and meeting rooms, ask for information.

Invest in Colombia

Invest in Colombia and take advantage of the good moment of the dollar

Buy from abroad

If you are a Colombian resident abroad, this is the time to invest in Colombia.The exchange rate of the dollar against the peso decreases the cost of your investment and maximizes profitability.The good conjuncture of the dollar, together with the advantages of investing in this moment in Barranquilla in the real estate sector, guarantee a profitability and a high value of the investment.For this reason, we want to invite you to buy an apartment in our Actually project, for which we offer you all the advice so that you can easily make the investment.Investing in Colombia, Actually will have an excellent valuation that is given not only by the price structure, but by the excellent moment of the real estate market in Barranquilla and the growing expansion of the Buenavista sector, the sector of the city where the project is located.

It’s not time to save, it’s time to invest in the right direction and take advantage of the benefits of earning in dollars and Actually is your synonym for the best investment

Contact us either by completing the form below, or by sending an email to the address actually2@apiros.com.co or if you prefer by calling (+57) 1 3265310 Ext. 3200 – 3201 – 3202